We fucked hard and ferociously in my car

we fucked hard and ferociously in my car

Amy is a punk, and she let me know as soon as she came in that my taste in music needed improvement. What can I say, I am stuck in the late 90s, the “closing time” for my musical taste! We switched to something more Amy’s liking, and she asked if I could fingerbang her before the scene started, to get her in the mood. I absolutely destroyed her pussy, fingerblasting her to a band I later found out is called “the stiff little fingers”. We fucked hard and ferociously, with her begging me to bury it deep inside her again and again. Her pussy was so warm I could have heated up a burrito inside of it. Every time we switched shots we kept fucking – this wasn’t really a performance, it was an all out sex festival. I rammed her from behind and came on her face, and 15 minutes later, we were fucking out in my car. It was a good day 😀

January 19, 2014

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