She told me before that she prefers to be in control

she told me before that she prefers to be in control

Wow! This girl is hot as hell, in the girl next door kind of way. Her stunning green eyes looked amazing as she sucked my cock. She told me before that she prefers to be in control, so I let her ride me for a while. She came three times, sending an insane warmth over my cock. When I finally came on her face, I had seriously fallen in love with her.

We fucked hard and ferociously in my car

we fucked hard and ferociously in my car

Amy is a punk, and she let me know as soon as she came in that my taste in music needed improvement. What can I say, I am stuck in the late 90s, the “closing time” for my musical taste! We switched to something more Amy’s liking, and she asked if I could fingerbang her before the scene started, to get her in the mood. I absolutely destroyed her pussy, fingerblasting her to a band I later found out is called “the stiff little fingers”. We fucked hard and ferociously, with her begging me to bury it deep inside her again and again. Her pussy was so warm I could have heated up a burrito inside of it. Every time we switched shots we kept fucking – this wasn’t really a performance, it was an all out sex festival. I rammed her from behind and came on her face, and 15 minutes later, we were fucking out in my car. It was a good day 😀

She kept begging for me to fuck her harder and harder

she kept begging for me to fuck her harder and harder

Rahyndee – and I say this with all the love in the world – immediately gives off that crazy vibe. And good thing – cause that vibe turns me the hell on. I think you will agree that Rahyndee looks ridiculously hot working herself into a lather against the brick wall of my studio. As for her head giving skills – she is in the fucking major leagues. She knew exactly how to stroke it, when to add more spit, when to go for the balls. When she got on top of me she kept begging for me to fuck her harder and harder and harder, but I knew that I had to come on her beautiful, bad girl face as she sucked me off.

I just had to lick the shit out of her shaved pussy

i just had to lick the shit out of her shaved pussy

Here at HD POV headquarters, I don’t always go down on the girls. That is not because I don’t like doing it – I love doing it – but sometimes it is hard to make compelling from a cinematic standpoint. But with Olivia, I just had to lick the shit out of her shaved pussy – immediately. We fucked in every position – even fucking in between takes, which is the sure sign of a great shoot. I came in her open mouth, all over her tongue, which glistened with my cum and almost made me hard all over again!

She squirted all over my cock

she squirted all over my cock

As soon as I saw Lulu I knew – I needed to see that ass in action. Soon she was jiggling it up against the wall, with the awesome staccato rhythm that she probably learned in the Flamenco classes she told me about. She sucked my cock – I don’t know how else to put this – with real love. She was very gentle and…thorough. But I knew exactly what I wanted from her after she rode me for a bit – reverse cowgirl so I could see that ass going up and down on my cock. Right when I thought I was about to come she squirted all over my cock – guess she likes reverse cowgirl too. Before I could even process what happened she had my dick in her mouth and was telling me how much she liked the taste of her own cum. Soon I had her on her knees and she felt my cum spray across her beautiful latina face.

I fucked her in every way possible

i fucked her in every way possibles

Here is a new one: before we began, Guilliana sat me down and made me agree to one condition for her scene – it needed to end with me busting all over her face. You don’t need to tell me twice! Then she followed up by demanding that we bang in every position possible. She is a freak! Her hand was stroking my cock before the makeup artist even arrived and I was dying as I was waiting for her to get to her absolute best. She must have been dying too, cause she was insanely wet once we started fucking. From there I tossed her all around the room, fucked her in every way possible, until I obliged her first request, and came all over her face 😛

We fuck on the floor her at HDPOV Studios

we fuck on the floor her at hdpov studios

Ava’s got long red hair and innocent brown eyes. So innocent looking, in fact, that I worried she would be hesitant in the scene. As soon as she started talking, I knew that wouldn’t be a problem. This girl is dirty. She insisted on putting lotion on my dick as she blew me, which not every girl is into, but Ava excels at. Since we fuck on the floor her at HDPOV Studios, I don’t always bang the girls from behind, but Ava insisted and I gladly complied. In between takes she kept telling me “you can fuck me harder you know…just destroy my pussy….”. Watch the video…but I think I did :)

Her striptease and handjob were almost too much

her striptease and handjob were almost too much

Cali is a character, but more importantly – she’s hot as hell. I wanted to fuck her as soon as I saw her, even cutting short the makeup artist so I could start filming the scene. Her striptease and handjob were almost too much. There was a twisting motion she did with her hand that she got just right – many try that move, but only a few succeed. Cali succeeded. That’s what I’d say about the scene with her – she was a pro, who knew how to add the little things to make a guy’s dick get that much harder. Just little flicks of the tongue and little movements of her slick pussy. I felt her kegels tightening as I thrust into her again and again, finally finishing her off with the creampie to end all creampies…

Tittyfucking her was incredible!

tittyfucking her was incredible

Dillion blew me away as soon as I saw her. She’s one of the prettiest girls in the biz right now, bar none. I think she can be huge if she sticks with this. Even though she’s relatively new, she was a complete pro. As soon as the camera came on she was giving it all the right angles, and moved in such a sexy and slinky way against the brick wall that I worried I’d bust the second she touched my cock. I have never shot a girl who looked as good with a cock in her mouth, especially with the way my lights hit her deep brown eyes. Tittyfucking her was incredible. She was very sensual until the fucking began, when she started furiously thrusting against me like her life depended on it. This scene might be quicker than the rest of them – Dillion is just way too hot!

She was ten times hotter than her POV pictures

she was ten times hotter than her pov pictures

Averi was ten times hotter than her pictures. I love it when that happens. She was a bit shy, but unbelievably sexy with her smoky green eyes and flowing hair. She is a classic beauty – you could see her being a movie star in the 40s. Though movie stars back then didn’t get on their knees minutes after meeting you and take your cock in their mouths (well, maybe some did). Averi gives soft, sensual head, always staring up at me with those stunning eyes. When we started fucking, I couldn’t believe how wet she was. We fucked right on the studio floor, with her begging for more and more until I whipped out my cock and came all over her perfect tits.

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